Console Game Freeplay

We all love video games!  But how do you play games in an online convention?!  All you’ll need is an XBOX 360 or PS4 controller hooked up to your computer +  a Parsec account (sign up is free) and through our customized UPLINK portal, you’ll have the ability to play a plethora of single and multiplayer games across a variety of classic consoles!

More details can be found on our FAQ page.

PC Game Freeplay

Re-live the thrill of classic the PC Gaming era during Uplink.  All you need is a compatible web browser!  All the classics you expect and more – and you won’t need a bulky CRT monitor! 

More details can be found on our FAQ page.

Tabletop Games

Get your roll on and join one of the many RPGs and board games happening throughout the weekend of the show.  Amongst the many featured tabletop games include a Magic: The Gathering Tournament.  Pre registration is a good idea to secure your spot.  Stay tune for upcoming announcements regarding signup dates. 

More details can be found on our FAQ page.


Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t experience the heat of (video game) battle!  Head over to our Tournaments Page for more information and pre registration.

Homebrew Showcase

Did you know that talented people just like you are making NEW games for our beloved old systems?  As an accompaniment to Console Freeplay, experience some totally new games from the brightest minds in indie game development today and find your new hidden gem.

High Score Challenge

Try your hand at the high score!  UPLINK  will be hosting a variety of specific games with unique scoring challenges.  Connect and try to get the high score at the end of the timed window to win prizes.  Game list coming soon.  

Note – you will need a controller connected to your PC and a Parsec account (which is free) to play in the High Score Challenge.  More details can be found on our FAQ page.

Escape Room

An Escape Room over the internet?! You won’t believe where you’ll find yourself in this interactive experience unique to UPLINK.

 More details coming soon!

Nintendo Switch Lobbies

Join fellow UPLINK attendees in various games for Nintendo Switch at specified times.



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